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Next, no matter if you choose to anneal or not, use the mallet to bend the copper around the form. A good technique for working the copper sheet is to pound the mallet in the way you want the metal to bend. This will work best if you can draw the mallet directly towards yourself while hammering. This is when you will want to have your safety glasses firmly in place protecting your eyes. Also, you may want to consider putting hole in the cap for the securing nail.

Finally, to add a nice shine to the cap, apply some sealant to keep the it bright and corrosion free. Or, let the cap age and patina naturally for the that classic look (I think this looks awesome).

You now have a beautiful fence post cap! On a final note, be sure to wear eye protection and all the necessary safety equipment while operating any potentially dangerous tools. Hope you enjoy your new post caps!

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If you have finally decided to barricade your Hershey yard, then one of your dilemmas would be either to hire a fence contractor or do everything by yourself. You have already decided on what kind of materials to use and you already have the utilities to show where the marked lines are. Now, your property enclosures are ready to be built. You need to decide as quickly as you can. Here are some things you need to consider before making your decision.


Do you have the license to be your own Hershey fence contractor? Well, your wife probably wants you to be as skilled as a licensed one, but you have to get permission from the homeowners' association where you're affiliated with. The city or county you belong to may need to require you license to operate your building needs to ensure everything is done appropriately.


Ask yourself whether you're capable or not. Be honest or else, everything will fall apart. You wouldn't want to just build something because you want your pride to remain. You may have the brains to know how things go about as there are online tutorials that can guide you along the way. While there's a local guy at the hardware store from whom you can get some tips on doing the job, there's a big difference between actual and theory. It would be most ideal to do it yourself if you already have experience in the past. Assess yourself well prior to deciding whether you can bear this endeavor.

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We know what we are doing and can assure that you will be completely happy with the end result! We only use the best materials and give the best service, what are you waiting for?

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If you aren’t going to take care of something, why get it? It is not only a waste of time but also a huge waste of money; and who has money to waste? If you are going to get a chain link fence to secure your home or business but a Norway rat can rip it apart, how are you safe or protected? The best thing to do? Call the top-rated fence installation company to fix up your fence and give your home or business back the safety and appeal it once had! If you allow your chain link fence to suffer from rust and neglect, it will not only allow trespassers on your property, it is also very dangerous to touch! If you have one in your backyard to keep the children in and they hurt themselves, is that a good thing? Take the plunge and allow a nearby Hershey fencing installation company for wood, PVC, iron, chain link to come down and bring safety and style back to your property.

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Our children and our dogs are important to us, and a chain link fence can keep them inside and safe! You will never have to worry about someone getting out! Chain Link fences can be as tall as you would like, so if the baby is a climber, add a few feet and you will be okay!

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No matter what condition your fence is in, our professional fence repair team will come in and assess the damage. They’ll also look for newly surfacing issues and nip them in the bud before they have a chance to become a problem for your fence. Even if it’s a fence we had no part in installing, we’ll look it over top to bottom and leave it looking good as new when we’re finished with it.

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We’ll repair any damaged or worn fence on your property. We’ll look it over first to see what we’re dealing with. We’ll pay attention to existing issues and ones that could pop up at a later time. Using top-quality materials, our fence contractors will fix up your fence and make sure that the repairs are a complete match to the rest of it. It’ll look like nothing ever happened when we’re though. We prize giving our customers the knowledge to be self- sufficient regarding Hershey fence maintenance. We’re glad to share tips and maintenance procedures our clients can upkeep in order to avoid future need for an extensive repair. Leaving a fence damaged poses a significant threat to the security of your home or business. It negates the entire purpose of a fence – to enclose and protect your property – and if you should have one that needs repair, it should be your highest priority. Call the best fence repair company to fix your fence today.

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Our Hershey fence installation and repair company has been in town for a while. Simply put, we’ve been around the block a few times, and probably yours too. Our fence contractors have seen the best of fences and the worst of them.

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