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We are the fencing installation company for wood, PVC, Iron, chain link fences has options for you to choose from! Don’t be afraid to protect your property with a superior quality fence; because the people you don’t want on it, we're not afraid to come on.

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Not one company is the same; even if they do the exact same thing, both companies do it differently and have different people working there. I say this because the same goes for us and our fences; we are different than the rest. There are other fence installations companies, but we are one of the best fence companies around with the best fencing contractors in your area. Our fences, whether it is wood, PVC, iron or chain link, are made with high-quality materials and installed with top of the line precision and accuracy. You may want something simple and nice for your Kettering commercial property like a wood or PVC fence, or you may want something that screams, “Keep off if you don’t belong here,” like iron or a tall chain link fence! Listen, your best bet is to go with us, the best fencing contractors because we know what we are doing and you won’t have to take a picture and post it asking people, “Did I just spend money on garbage?”

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The simple fact is, we are one of the best Kettering fence companies in the area; hands down. A lot of other fence companies might do silly things like making a major miscalculation of the number of materials they need and show up to your commercial property with as much as 50% missing.

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Private fences come in varieties like board and batten, vertical board and stockade besides many others. A word of warning is required here though: while private fences are great and can look gorgeous, they should ideally be used only on smaller portions of your property to avoid giving a very claustrophobic feeling. Besides, a big private tends to look pretty gaudy. However, when used in smaller segments of your property, these types of fences can work wonders in complementing other structures since they are compact and have a very no nonsense feel to them.

Another type of wood fencing, which is pretty popular at the moment, is the semi-private fence style, like a Wyngate fence. A wood fence like this allows for good visibility and ventilation, while still being good security. These fences can be used to cover the entire house and give out a cordial and friendly feeling, partly since they look almost exactly the same from both sides. Besides, a semi-private fence is probably the most ideal wood fence when we take into consideration the weather.


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