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It is advisable to invite 3 contractors to give you a quotation for the work. Start judging and analyzing them straight away, you'll soon get good or bad feelings about them. Ask them the questions on the driveway and patio advice checklist but use your instincts too. Prices can vary massively but picking the cheapest price is asking for trouble. Try to base your choice on other factors, if one company is £1,000 cheaper you will feel very good if you get a perfect job, but the chances of that happening will be slim unless they tick all the boxes on the checklist.

Make sure you have a written quote which will help avoid misunderstandings, be wary of contractors that won't provide this. If you are unsure of any aspects e.g. materials to be used and specifications, ask for them to be detailed in writing before agreeing to the deal. Also if you can wait it's likely that you will get a lower price in winter months especially just before of after Christmas, as this is the quietest time of the year for contractors.

The weather is starting to get warmer (finally!) and you’re on your way to getting your yard ready for summer. Like most homeowners, you inspect your grass, landscaping and garden to see what maintenance needs to be done. But don’t forget to inspect your fence while you’re out there. Uncovering issues early can often times make the difference between having a minor repair now instead of a major replacement in future years.

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You can buy fences that come in easy to assemble kits. These can be found at your local hardware store. In some cases they will have the tools and needed nails and screws included, if not you will be provided with a list of necessary items that you will need. If you do not own the tools yourself you might want to consider getting them from a friend as they can be very expensive to buy yourself, especially all the one time.

If you do not buy a kit then you will have to buy the wood and cut the stakes or posts yourself. The key to having a perfect looking fence is to ensure that all posts are the same height and distance apart. If you are a first time fence builder then you should keep it simple and have each post square across the top. If you know your way around tools and machinery then you might want to try rounding the tops or having them peaked in a triangle shape. This always makes the fence look better when you can add more to it.

PVC/vinyl fences can also make an excellent choice. Dreaming of a white picket fence but want to skip the costly maintenance? Our PVC/vinyl fence installation will provide the quality and ease of use you need. Available in a variety of styles, these fences will withstand the elements for years to come. We install private, semi-private, and picket fence styles, accommodating a variety of home styles.

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Look for any loose nails and pound them back into place. Warped pickets may also be secured back with nails, depending on if it can be nailed to a board. Or you may choose to replace individual damaged pickets.

Check the Huber Heights Posts

Inspect the bottom of the posts to see if the wood is starting to rot. If you have extensive rot, you will need to get a replacement post. You should also check for damage caused by weed whacking and try to keep this to a minimum in the future.

Picket fences are often used around shrubs, small gardens and yards surrounding pond areas. Other uses include surrounding tomato and other plants. Note that a smaller version of a chain link fence could also help keep out unwanted animal intruders in garden areas.

More Powerful Protection

For those in need of a little more protection, an electric fence might be in order. Similar to a barbwire fence in that it offers more protection, an electric fence is also referenced as an unseen fence, since it's unseen, however, when Huber Heights people or animals trip it, they get a shock. People can learn how to cross over these, and they're generally used to stop farm and other animals from leaving yard areas. Smaller variations can be set up to secure valuable items like jewelry.

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