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A backyard fence keeps what we want in, and what we don’t want out. Perhaps you live in a semi-attached home or you share your yard edge with others. A backyard edge makes it clear where their property ends and where your property begins. A backyard fence clearly shows you the boundaries of your yard, which is a great help when it comes to personalizing the space and making it yours. Our East Cleveland fence company can install one for you today.

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A privacy fence is a really good choice if you want to keep your backyard barbecues away from the eyes of those uninvited. The backyard is that outdoor space we can escape to without really being outdoors. We can go out there in our jammies and a cup of coffee and just unwind. With a privacy fence installed by fence installation experts, it’s pretty much impossible for outsiders to see what’s going on in your yard. A privacy fence is built tall and without gaps, so it holds up to storms and bad weather surprisingly well. Let me tell ya – trying to get into a well-built privacy fence from the outside? Try it after our fence company puts one up for you – it’s literally a tall task. Privacy fences offer security, durability, and no peek-protection at the cost compared to a wood fence installation. It’s a great choice for any resident who wants to enjoy that bit of time outdoors away from it all. Not to mention, a privacy fence can hide a yard that’s doing double-duty and has seen better times from a cluster perspective. Overall, it’s a win-win.

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Getting a backyard fence has a lot of pros going for it, but did you know that it can also increase the value of your home? Like any home improvement, a backyard fence installed by our top fence contractors will increase the value of your home while providing you with many conveniences that you can live with and enjoy every day.

Metal Privacy Fence in East Cleveland Oh

Private fences come in varieties like board and batten, vertical board and stockade besides many others. A word of warning is required here though: while private fences are great and can look gorgeous, they should ideally be used only on smaller portions of your property to avoid giving a very claustrophobic feeling. Besides, a big private tends to look pretty gaudy. However, when used in smaller segments of your property, these types of fences can work wonders in complementing other structures since they are compact and have a very no nonsense feel to them.

Another type of wood fencing, which is pretty popular at the moment, is the semi-private fence style, like a Wyngate fence. A wood fence like this allows for good visibility and ventilation, while still being good security. These fences can be used to cover the entire house and give out a cordial and friendly feeling, partly since they look almost exactly the same from both sides. Besides, a semi-private fence is probably the most ideal wood fence when we take into consideration the weather.

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