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Pressure treated fence posts can twist and crack open after a season of drying. Capping the posts helps prevent water from soaking into the top. Plastic or wooden caps are available from some home hardware retailers. Caps with solar lighting are also an attractive option to consider.

My own six-by-six gate post developed a bad crack during the first two years of service. This gate post has two gates hung on it, mine and my neighbors. Supporting both gates puts extra strain on this post while at the same time it balances the post. Clean any debris or insects from the split. I do not recommend using a pressure washer on the splits a vacuum cleaner would be a better choice. To fill the crack which was almost an inch wide at its maximum I used a high quality construction adhesive. It is important to do this when the post is dry. The large open area of the split required two applications a day or two apart. The adhesive although very viscid will run out of the split if you try to fill too large an opening. Take the time to make a root pass on large splits. After applying the root pass I drove several wood screws through the cracks at 90 degrees to help prevent further splitting. Use wood screws that are made for pressure treated lumber.

Tamping and filling splits will make your fence stand and deliver. Whacking away with a wee sledge is a good way to release tension too.

Fence Post in Nevada

There are also custom preparations carried out by these property enclosure companies. You can find a lot of details and information about these specialized procedures if you check their websites online. You will be treated with an array of possibilities offering exceptional craftsmanship and expertise for their clients. You also have to be knowledgeable about the processes and so, you have to equip yourself with the fundamentals of barrier layouts and property enclosures in order to assess the company to choose.

In the end, when you know what you want, you will easily see someone fit for the job. You will be able to communicate well with them. Thus, you can translate everything you would want to happen in a very simple manner. You need not tell them an entire story for them to pick up your intended output. They'd be able to understand it once you started talking and they can definitely show you something of relevance after just one brainstorming session. It's all about engaging them to project the image you have created inside your head.

Close Board Fencing in Nevada

Moving into a new Nevada neighborhood and settling into a new house is exciting. If it is your first home, you will feel as if you finally own a little piece of your own space in the world. If you are upgrading or downgrading to a larger or smaller home, it will feel great to be able to live in a space that suits your lifestyle better. For some people, the excitement ends abruptly when they realize the people living next door to them are terrible neighbors and nuisance people. Few things are worse than trying to enjoy your new home and having to cope with problems from the people living around you. If this has happened to you, your family might be desperate to find a way to enjoy your time in your home without having to deal with your problem neighbors. In some cases, the problem can be fixed with a fence. Those living in the area can use a fence to create privacy and shut out many of the problems that are going on around them. In other cases, the problems are so severe; you need more than just privacy to correct the problem.

So what exactly do you need to look for while inspecting your fence? In this blog post, we will walk you through what you should look at as well as some common DIY fixes.

How Your Gate Works Nevada

Your gate is the only moveable part of your fence that gets the most wear and tear. It can be susceptible to weather damage when the latch is not properly engaged or due to misuse from children and adults. To inspect your gate, you will want to open it and then close it to see how it latches – or doesn’t latch – into place. If it doesn’t close correctly, there are a few areas you will want to look at first before considering a replacement.

Keeping Your Gate Strong

Your gate may not be closing completely due to the gate no longer being squarely attached to the post. This can be due to misalignment from sagging of the gate from misuse or movement from loose screws / nails along the post. You can work on tightening the screws / nails to bring the gate back into alignment. You may have to give this several tries in order to adjust the gate to the correct position. If you have a self-closing gate, you may also need to readjust the tension.

Field Fence in Nevada

Many of us live in rather open plan properties where the surrounding garden has no kind of barrier to it. Although this may be what some people like, most of us like the idea of having demarcation points if only to show others where the property ends. Of course, this does not have to be some huge monstrosity since some picket style barriers are just a foot or two off the ground, but for those who want to keep out intruders, these can go as high as eight feet tall. Try looking for 'vinyl fencing' or 'vinyl fence' online to see the full array of barriers available.

Some will obviously opt for the more natural looking wooden variety but these have their own set of problems of course. There is much more maintenance involved with keeping them looking good and this must include some treatments for bugs and termites too. After this, the varnish that is used must be the outdoor variety and it will certainly need several coats to keep it looking good when the rain sets in.

This kind of work will have to be done probably on a yearly basis so this must be kept in mind when choosing what will look good. Although the plastic variety is more expensive, in the long run this will even out because no paint or varnish will be needed for sure.


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