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Wrought iron has stormed our houses in the form of home décor products. There are a variety of items including wrought iron fences, wrought iron gates, wrought iron furniture, wrought iron beds, wrought iron chandeliers, wrought iron railings, wrought iron wall décor, wrought iron patio furniture, wrought iron candle holders, book holders, dinning table racks, hanging baskets, wall baskets, Christmas tree holders, patio planters, wrought iron mirror frames. The range of wrought iron home décor accessories is endless.

Wrought iron fences are available in a wide range of prices, suiting nearly every pocket. The price range is contingent on basically three factors - the design complexity level, the type of welding done, and the quality of wrought iron used. The decline in the quality of wrought iron is directly proportional to the amount of slag fibers present in the metal.

If you hear a rattling noise when you push a section, (which indicates movement), you have loose screws. Tightening of the screws should help here but if the screws are stripped, you will need to replace them with new ones. We suggest purchasing stainless steel screws that are a size larger. Also look for any damage to the bottom of the pickets from lawn mowers. Depending on the damage, you may be able to hammer it back in place. Just make sure to put a buffer between the fence and the hammer so that you don’t make any additional marks on the pickets. If there is more than just minor damage, you may have to replace the picket or the full section which we don’t recommend as a DIY fix.

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There are many factors to consider when choosing your type of fence for a project. So you'll want to take a time to think a few things over carefully before heading out to buy materials.


Take a wood fence versus a chain link fence, for example. The Nebraska wooden fence is more attractive looking than a chain link fence, however, they both serve more than one purpose, like fences do. They both help keep pets in confined areas, keep children safely away from traffic or nearby wooded areas, and help keep homes safe from intruders. So if you're looking to improve the value and to enhance the appearance of your home, you may prefer to opt for the wooden fence.

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Now take a look at another type of Nebraska fence, the picket fence. Very similar to a wooden fence, a picket fence is smaller in size. It is usually more decorative in nature, especially than a chain link fence, but it does not too much in the way of protection, at least in the way of human burglars. Usually only averaging roughly three feet high, a picket fence is usually used for ornamental purposes and for stopping small intruders, animals like rabbits, squirrels, mice and chipmunks. Of course these little pests could go through, under and around the fence slats, but the idea is that they are detoured and go elsewhere.

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