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Contrary to myth, solid fencing does not provide the best wind break. The force of the wind on the solid flat surface creates both pressure on the windward side and pressure differences on the leeward side, somewhat similar to the way an airfoil works.

To illustrate this, note that snow fences are designed with porosity, allowing some of the wind to work its way through, yet decreasing and deflecting the air flow. As a consequence of the design, snow will tend to accumulate a few feet in front of the fence, as the vortices of wind redirect.

When designing a wood fence as a wind break, stagger the boards 2 inches apart for every six inches of width. The ideal porosity for windbreak fences is 25-33%, and such a gap will give a 25% porosity. This provides a protection that will extend eight to ten times the height of the fence. Another option is to slope the fencing material, if you are intending to use the fence as a shelter for livestock.

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For the outdoor area, you can choose among the different designs and brands. You can even choose low and high wattage post caps. You have many choices like metal tops, copper tops, galvanized steel, brushed steel, and stainless steel post caps. Today, the most popular are redwood and cedar wooden post caps. The reason why many people love such products is because of their durability. You can just paint or stain it. The mahogany alternatives are not suitable for outdoor use. Making an informed decision is very important.

Don't worry if you have plastic or vinyl fence because you can also find lighted fence post caps that are made exclusively for such fence posts. Make sure that double check the sizes to ensure that you're getting the right ones. The sizes greatly vary. Taking measurements beforehand should be done, so as not to waste any money. Shop for post caps online or you can also check out local hardware stores. It would also help if you try to read product reviews to be sure of the quality and performance.

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